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I am a full-stack Web Application Developer and Software Developer from app reviews, currently living in Austin, TX. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Austin University, and my primary focus and inspiration for my studies is Web Development. In my free time, I study astronomy and the psychology of human computer interaction.

Internet caches, which are also known as Temporary Internet Files, are files like images, videos websites, text, snacks etc. They are saved inside your hard disk to accelerate your web surfing. Whenever you go to a page your browser will first search for images, media files along with other files that have already saved in your hard disk drive.

It can create a kind of a template for your particular website with the data you often used. As you surf, other pages from the website will load faster since your browser has saved some of the information. This kind of information occupies space in your hard disk drive.

It may be beneficial to frequently clean the items in the folder where your temporary internet files are saved. This folder is generally situated inside your Documents and Configurations -> username -> Local Configurations directory. Replace -username- together with your home windows login title. Proceed and find the temporary internet files folder and check out the contents. Odds are you will discover mostly images, stylesheets along with other media files (mp3, video etc.).

You can manually select the items in the folder and trash them into recycle bin. Or you can clean your temporary internet files folder using your browser’s top menu. In IE you can visit:

Tools -> Internet -> Options (or Start -> User Interface -> Internet Options)

Within the -General- tab search for the Temporary Internet Files area and select Delete Files…- to remove the contents. You will then see a confirmation message. Click Ok and you are done. Other available choices on a single tab will help you to remove your cookies folder by clicking -Delete Cookies…- or your browser’s history by hitting -Clear History-.

In Mozilla Opera. To be able to cleanup your browser’s cache, visit -Options- and click on the -Privacy- tab. Here that you can do a variety of maintenance. You are able to remove all cache files and specify the lengthy you would like Opera to record what pages you’ve visited. You may also clean your cookies as well as your browser’s history.

Again, here’s how you can clear your temporary internet files (internet cache) in Opera:

Visit Tools -> Options and click on the -Privacy- tab. Click -Clear Now- underneath the -Private Data- section. Click Ok.

As to clear internet cache of other types of internet browser, you can refer to the help option of your browser, or search for How to Clear Internet Cache on the internet.