The Bible is a holy book for all the nations. This is a collection of work done by many authors. Originally the Bible was written in Latin, it was later translated into English, Hindi, French and various languages. The Bible is divided mainly into two parts. 1. Old rule 2. New rule.
Old rule
It has collected many books from the origin of the world to the end of Malaki. It has been mentioned in the origin of how the world was built. It has been described in this way that how God has created the earth and how man has made himself in his image.
New rule
In this it is said about the life of Jesus Christ. There is also a collection of books of various authors. This part has been described in detail about how the life of Jesus Christ and what he did in the lifesaving work and miracles, his teachings, and the plan of God at the time of his end.
From the study of the Bible, we get spiritual nutrition. The Bible is a sacred book that is used to spread knowledge. Through the Bible, the evangelists do the work of spreading the gospel and bringing the people back to life. By learning from the Bible, we learn God's Word and understand it. By studying the Bible, we learn the journey of Jesus Christ that why he was born, what he gave his life and what he is still alive. All these questions can be answered only by the study of the Bible. By learning from the Bible, we know God and Jesus Christ and find the posterior. By studying the Bible we approach our God and seek forgiveness of our sins and sins. By the study of the Bible, we find Jesus Christ in our life, he knows what he wants from our lives.
By learning from the Bible, we learn how Jesus Christ was born and how he made his life known. By the study of the Bible, we discover the miracles performed by them. From the Bible's study, we find out about the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ about the country of Israel where Jesus was born. From the study of the Bible, we learn why Jesus is born of Christ and why he died for us. From the study of the Bible, we know God's plan. From the study of the Bible, we also know that Jesus Christ is the God who gives salvation to anyone except the Giver and nothing else.
Jesus Christ can be adopted by people of any race. We also know this from the teachings of the Bible.
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