Dear fellow debaters

~The organizers of the World Universities Peace Invitational Debate (WUPID) 2007 would like announce the involvement of environment activist and afro-asian musician - Zainalabidin. Other than performing at the Peace Music Festival / Break Night Party, he will also stand as the event's honourable Peace Ambassador and celebrity spokesperson.

To listen to his music, please visit his website at www.zainalabidin. com or you can visit the site via WUPID's website at www.wupid.hngsc. com.

See you in Langkawi!

Muhammad Yunus
January 24, 2007

Dear friends ~

Hope you guys had an awesome time in UBC lately.

January 19, 2007
The final results of the 5th National Health and Science Debates Malaysia held in International Medical University:

Champions: MMU 1 (Kandahar, Big Boy)
Best Overall Speaker: Daniel from UiTM 1
Best Speaker in the Final: Kandahar from MMU 1

Rd 1: THW set an age cap for practicing clinicians
Rd 2: THBT all employees medical coverage plan must include a 'Successful Agingand Wellness Program'
Rd 3: THW make pre-school education compulsory
Rd 4: THW ban genetic predetermination of babies
December 15, 2006
There is a "peace debate" championships in Malaysia in March 2007. More details can be found at
November 19, 2006

MMU Open (Malaysian Pre-Worlds) Results

MMU 9 (Tate and MacGregor)
MMU 1 (Sumi & Kandahar)
G.S.E (Azhan & Azrul)
IIU1 (Irma & Raihan).

Overall Best Speaker :
N.G. from MMU.

December 15, 2005