Galway have been awarded the right to host the 2006 Irish Times Final.
November 24, 2005

Some things I came across on a visit to

In case anyone is interested the Irish teams for Worlds can be found at

November 17, 2005
Winners: Kings Inn (Morgan Shelley & Barry Glynn)

UCC Philosoph (Diarmuid Early & Tony Murphy)
Trinity Hist (David Boughton & Chris Kissane)
Trinity Hist (Hanna Murphy & Rachel ?)

Rd 1: TTHWS the imposition by the legislature of a ten year mandatory minimum sentence for sex crimes
Rd 2: TTHW exempt developing countries from international laws on intellectual property.
Rd 3: TTHB Israel should preemtively strike iran.
Rd 4: TTHW give social welfare in the form of vouchers.
November 06, 2005
Information for Competitors in the Irish Times Debating Competition

Rossa Fanning
Convenor 2000-2001,

Whether you are an experienced Irish Times speaker, or a novice, you are likely to have questions about the competition’s format and timetable, the difference between the Irish Times and other competitions, the way to approach Irish Times motions, and the way in which debates are adjudicated.
May 02, 2005