Two debates in the 16th century Old Court Room at Lincoln’s Inn on Friday morning brought debaters from the Middle East and UK together on topics of interest to both the UK and the Middle East. The debates, organised by IDEA UK, were part of the Young Arab Voices (YAV) project run by the British Council and Anna Lindh foundation which teaches debate to young people across the Middle East and North Africa.
Increasing the intercultural exchange of the day the debates were performed with mixed teams of UK and YAV debaters on both sides.
November 05, 2015

IDEA UK is searching for some of the best nine student debaters in London to take part in a debate with a visiting debate team as part of the British Council's Young Arab Voices event to support the growth of skills and advocacy in the Middle East and North Africa region.If you are available to debate on Friday 30th October from 9am to 12pm in Central London then we would love to hear from you.Interested University Debate Societies or individual competitive debaters based in London should email Alex Helling including a sho

October 13, 2015

Social media is the communication channel of our time, and extremism, particularly terrorism, is one of the currently dominant concerns. Both come together amid fears of how social media helps terrorists have a reach they otherwise would not have. IDEA UK and Integrity’s public discussion on the topic of social media and extremism last night brought together experts and interested members of the public to consider the interaction of these two trends. With us were Alex Murray a specialist in verification & social media at the BBC, Dr.

September 17, 2015

Does social media have the power to take down governments? Does it spread extremism? Does it hold the solution to terrorism? Does it need to be monitored?

The power of social media is a much-discussed issue, and its role as a tool for mobilising people and affecting mindsets, particularly of impressionable young people, is still being discovered and researched.

August 21, 2015

‘Is it better to live in the UK or Bulgaria?’ is perhaps not a question most of us here in the UK think about regularly (indeed the comparison most Britons will think of is with the USA, Australia, or France) but it is of immediate relevance to one community; Bulgarians in the UK. And so it was at the Bulgarian Shkolo Vasil Levski a Bulgarian complementary school situated in Barking, East London.

July 22, 2015

‘Individuals should sacrifice some privacy in the fight against terrorism online’. Since the revelations by Edward Snowden this has been a hot topic for debate as it was at the Dalston Roof Park yesterday. It is also a somewhat complex and impenetrable topic requiring as it does knowledge of legislation, politics, and technical knowledge.

June 26, 2015

“What’s the investigatory powers bill?” I hear you say. It is the replacement for the Data Communications bill, better known as the snoopers charter, that was blocked by the Liberal Democrats in the last parliament.If you live in the London and do practically anything online, and let’s face it that means almost all Londoners, then this debate will be of interest to you. Your online privacy, as well as national security against terrorists, is at stake.

June 10, 2015

Is there such thing as too much of a good thing? That was the starting point for a debate at Camden Woodcraft folk, the first debate in collaboration between IDEA and CoachBright.The following is an edited blog post from CoachBright:We met with an enthusiastic group of sixteen younger people, 12-16, with big opinions, big voices, and plenty of ideas. Over two sessions we used our IDEA training to teach this group to constructively debate, and they really enjoyed it.

May 22, 2015

‘Feminism & Activism: How can we create change?’ was the topic of a lively debate last night that ranged over questions of what is feminism? How do we empower women?

May 15, 2015

IDEA UK held the latest in its series of Debate in the Neighbourhood training the trainers sessions last Tuesday. IDEA UK’s trainer, Saleeta Coates, was in Waltham Forest Town Hall to engage Waltham Forest’s Youth Independent Advisory Group (YIAG), part of the Young Advisors.The Young Advisors are young people who take part in peer mentoring in schools, in the Youth Offending Team and with homeless young people.

April 13, 2015