The detailed tab output results of Euros can be found here:

Also very interesting: I think these are some of the most equal scores I've seen on any tournament.... kudos for the CA &DCAs

July 01, 2008
The full results of EUDC 2008 are now available here

I have reproduced them here for future reference as sites tend to disappear....

Oxford D
Oxford B
Oxford A

Leiden A
Tel Aviv A

1G Oxford A
2G UCC Phil A


1G Oxford D
1O UCD Law A
2G Oxford B
2O UCC Law A

June 28, 2008
The site has a link to a skypecast of the finals.

It is due to start at 12:30 GMT which is 13:30 in the UK/Ireland for those who forgot about daylight savings and logged on (like me).
June 27, 2008

Schedule for Euros Day 5 - June 27th

09:30-13:00 EUDC Council Meeting

15:30-16:45 ESL Final

17:00-18:15 Grand Final

19:00-19:30 Awards and Closing Words

June 27, 2008
The teams in the final of the 2008 European Universities Debating Championships are:

Oxford A (1)
Oxford B (2)
Oxford D (11)
Kings College London (KCL) A (12)

The judges of the final will be: Judges: Neill Harvey-Smith (Chair), Isabelle Loewe, Coletta Smith, Andy Hume, Erin O'Brien, Danny McCarthy, Bob Nimmo, Tony Murphy, Connie Grieve

Source yourgermancorrespondent
June 26, 2008
Semi Final 1
  • 1st Gov Berlin (BDU) B (9)
  • 1st Opp Bonaparte B (12)
  • 2nd Gov Leiden A (1)
  • 2nd Opp BBU A (5)
  • Judges: Andrew Marshall (Chair), Danny P McCarthy, Derek Lande, Gregg O'Neil, Sam Block

Semi-Final 2
June 26, 2008
Schedule for Euros Day 4 - June 26th

09:15 ESL Quarter finals
12:00 Main Break Quarter finals
15:00 ESL Semifinals
18:00 Main Break Semifinals
June 26, 2008

Qtr Final 1

  • 1st Gov Oxford C (8)
  • 1st Opp UCD LnH A (9)
  • 2nd Gov Oxford A (1)
  • 2nd Opp TCD Phil B (16)
  • Judges: Daniel McCarthy (Chair), Derek Doyle, Isabelle Loewe, Stuart Anderson, David Middlemiss

Qtr Final 4

  • 1st Gov Leiden A (4)
  • 1st Opp Kings (KCL) A (12)
  • 2nd Gov Helsinki A (13)
  • 2nd Opp UCC Phil A (5)
  • Judges: Greg O'Neill (Chair), Felicity Cook, Neil Dewar, Andrew Marshall, Bob Nimmo

Qtr-Final 2

June 26, 2008
The Finalists of the 2008 European English as a Second Language Debating Final are

Leiden A (1)
BBU A (5)
Tel Aviv A (7)
Hertie (HSoG) A (11)

The judges of the ESL final will be: Diarmuid Early (Chair), Sam Block, Andrew Marshall, Jens Fischer, Derek Lande, Derek Doyle, Greg O'Neil, Alaistair Cormack, Daniel Schut

Source Jens Fisher
June 26, 2008

ESL Qtr-Final 1

  • 1st Gov Koc A (8)
  • 1st Opp IDC A (16)
  • 2nd Gov Berlin (BDU) B (9)
  • 2nd Opp Leiden A (1)
  • Judges: Jenni Harrison (Chair), Samir Deger-Sen, Diarmuid Early, Mikhail Jevdokimov, Ashleigh Lamming

ESL Qtr-Final 2

  • 1st Gov Tel Aviv A (7)
  • 1st Opp Tilbury D (15)
  • 2nd Gov Warwick A (10)
  • 2nd Opp Bonaparte A (2)
  • Judges: Connie Grieve (Chair), Dan Cotley, Ozgun Dundar, Eoin Kilkenny, Erin O'Brien

ESL Qtr-Final 3

June 26, 2008