Victoria University of Wellington (Christopher Bishop and Sayeqa Islam) beat Seattle A (James Kilcup and Michael Imeson) by 4-3 in a very tight final to win the 2007 Cambridge IV. The other finalists were Oxford DL (Shengwu Li and Neil Dewar) and Oxford MW (James Moir and Alex Worsnip).

Top ten speakers:

1. Shengwu Li (Oxford DL)
2. Sayeqa Islam (Victoria University of Wellington)
3. Jonathan Leader Maynard (ULU)
4. Christopher Bishop (Victoria University of Wellington)
5=. Susan Connolly (UCD L+H A)
5= Steven Kryger (Yale)
November 23, 2007
Cambridge A (Block and Bott) won the 2007 Oxford IV from 2nd Opp.

In the final they defeated:
1st Prop: UCD
1st Opp: Victoria-Wellington
2nd Prop: Harvard B

Rd 1. TTHW Criminalise Gang Membership
Rd 2. TTHW allow nations without states a seat at the UN.
Rd 3. TTHW permit religious courts to rule on family law in the UK.
Rd 4. TTHBT every citizen deserves a universal basic income beyond their basic needs; regardless of whether they have ever worked, are looking for work or will ever work.
November 13, 2007
The winners of the 2007 Bristol IV are ULU - Jonathan Leader-Maynard and Patrick Rooney. Jonathan Leader-Maynard was best speaker in the final.
1.) This house would prevent doctors from opting out of performing medical procedures on religious grounds.
2.) This house would privatise all UK Universities.
3.) This house, as the UN, would deny the Vatican all rights of a state.
4.)This house would allow soldiers, sailors and airmen in the British forces to sue the crown for negligence.
October 30, 2007

Dear Debaters

Sorry about the multiple emails and cross-posting - just a quick email to say that the final phase of registration for the 2007 PriceWaterhouseCoopers Oxford IV began earlier today as IONA (domestic) packages went online. Any reported technical errors have been fixed, but if you encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to get in touch with either Lewis or myself. Bear in mind, however, that the Convenors and CA are split between Palestine, Delhi and China until Thursday, we will try to respond as soon as we can!

September 01, 2007
Registration for the IONA (domestic) package for the Oxford IV 2007, sponsored by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, will be opening at 00.01 hrs British Standard Time (BST) on the 1st of September.

With a Team Cap of 140 Teams, the IV this year promises to be just as big and even better than in previous years. If you are going to register as an IONA team please register early, as we anticipate a high demand.
August 30, 2007
Dear All,
We are pleased to inform you that registration for the Barclays WealthCambridge IV is now open. There will initially be a team cap of 2teams per institution but if you would like to send more teams do let us know when registering and we will try to accommodate such requestswhere possible. Places will be allocated on a first come, first servedbasis. International institutions who have sent 3 teams to Oxford willalso be allowed to send 3 teams to Cambridge. The n-1 judging rulewill apply to all IONA institutions.
August 18, 2007
Jonathan Leader Maynard updated his IONA rankings with results from Istanbul's EUDC, which brought this debating season to a close. Oxford ranked first with 880.8 points while EUDC winners Cambridge finished second with 822.3 points. St. Andrews and University College Cork got third and fourth respectively, while the top 10 also includes University College Dublin, Manchester, Durham, Middle Temple, LSE and Glasgow. To see the full ranking click here.
August 12, 2007