This year's Durham Open takes place on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th June, just two weeks before Euros.

We are hoping that this competition can act as a chance for last-minute practice before Tallinn.

All teams are now invited to register for the Open. We are not setting a team cap for the moment, HOWEVER if demand is greater than the number ofteams we can accommodate, those requesting registration by email first will be given priority. It's a bit like Euros reg., but less hi-tech.

Registration will be
April 24, 2008
From Britishdebate

The English-Speaking Union is looking to fill the newly created post of

Debates and Education Officer (up to
March 27, 2008
It seems that debating continues to pop up in the media.
March 18, 2008
Manchester A (Dan Bradley & James Dixon) won the 2008 Style IV held by the Nottingham Debating union.

Best Speaker in the final was Douglas Blackwood (UCL) and best speaker on the tab was Dan Bradley (Manchester).
March 17, 2008
Following on from the article about the CUSID national championships I've come across another interesting article that people might like to read.

This weekend the University of Nottingham is hosting a "Style IV". The IV is judged solely on the style of the participants instead of the usual 50% manner 50% matter (or 80% matter as it sometimes seems to have become).
March 11, 2008
For the past few days there has been a fairly steady stream of articles in various newspapers about bitter internal disputes first in Oxford and now in Cambridge.
February 04, 2008
Friday 15th and Saturday 16th February, 4pm registration on Friday, 4 rounds (5 minute speeches) to semi-final, 7 minute speeches in the final.

Chief Adjudicator: Neill Harvey-Smith, DCAs: Daniel Riley and Uve Poom.

Free reg to all international teams (including Ireland). Crash on a first come first served basis (we are limited, I'm afraid), with priority for international teams. Otherwise, reg is
January 27, 2008