You might think that dialogue and our own core focus of debate are the same, or at least very similar. But the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change yesterday assured us that while there are some common elements they are not at all the same. The Institute provided a capacity building workshop for iDebate's Debate Coaches and Fellows with training into using dialogue to support young people to be resilient to extremist idealogies. 

So what is dialogue?

May 25, 2017

On Saturday March 21, a total of 31 young people and 15 police officers from Antwerp and The Hague sat down and exchanged ideas. They had all participated in an intensive seven-month project building trust and cooperation between young people and police in disadvantaged neighbourhoods through debate, dialogue and improvisation theatre. Joost Leys and Yvonne Heselmans of IDEA NL guided these processes in both cities.

April 20, 2015