On behalf of the McGill Debating Union, we are pleased to invite you to the 2009 McGill Winter Carnival North American Invitational. Winter Carnival is one of the oldest annual parliamentary debating tournaments in North America, having been held every year since 1950. The tournament is regularly the largest in Canada, historically drawing large numbers of international teams. The 60th Winter Carnival will be hosted at our downtown Montreal campus from January 16th-18th, 2009, with a pre-tournament party on the 15th for those eager to arrive early.

November 19, 2008
Toronto (Jason Rogers & Adrienne Lipsey) have won the 2008 Father Guindon Cup in Canada.

1p: Toronto (Jason Rogers & Adrienne Lipsey)
1o: Hart House (Richard Lizius & Lisa Jorgensen)
2p: Hart House (Nick Shkordoff & Dash)
2o: Queen's (Claudia Newman-Martin & Christine Wadsworth)

Novice Winners: Carleton (Simon Cameron & Emma Robillard-Cole)
Top Speaker: Richard Lizius (Hart House)
Top Novice: Emma Robillard-Cole (Carleton)
Top Public Speaker: Josh J. Magnus Stark (McGill)

November 10, 2008
Champions: UCD L&H: Ian Boyle Harper & Stephen Boyle (on a 4-3 decision)

Brandeis - Turkish Secularism (Mark Samburg & Evan Green-Lowe)
Harvard - CUSID West (Alan Cliff & Chris Kolerok)
Queen's - Happy (Claudia Newman-Martin & Anisah Hassan)

Queen's - Doc (Christine Wadsworth & Sheldon McCormick)
October 21, 2008
Rahim Moloo, Public Speaking World Champion from MMU Worlds in 2005, is a finalist in the Canadian TV show Canada's Next Great Prime Minister.

Best of luck to Rahim in the Final this Sunday.
March 21, 2008
Hart House dominated the Canadian National Debating Championships this past weekend: both teams in the final and at least the top three speakers.

Hart House D (Monica Ferris & Jon Laxer) defeated Hart House A (Richard Lizius & Paul-Erik Dash Veel) from Government, making the case that blackmail should be legal.
March 17, 2008

As discussed last week I came across a style guide for the CUSID (Canada) national championships. Morag Townsend, Jason Rogers and Spencer Keys are co-authors of the guide and have given me permission to reproduce the guide on this site for future reference.

March 10, 2008
Champions: HH - John Ashbourne and Raj Pattani
Finalists: HH - Richard Lizius and Giorgio Traini

Semifinalists: McGill - Catherine Evans and Vinay Kumar Mysore
HH - Monica Ferris and Andi Wilson

Quarterfinalists: McGill - Bryan Badali and Saro Setrakian
HH - Paul-Erik 'Dash' Veel and Emma Meadley Dunphy
McGill - Leon Grek and Margherita Wisdom Devine
HH - Rory McKeown and Ben Bergen

Top Speaker: HH - Richard Lizius
2) HH - Rory McKeown
3) McGill - Vinay Kumar Mysore
November 13, 2007

Winning team Carleton - Adam Coombs & Garnett Genuis


  • HH/Carleton - Nick Shkordoff & Ian Freeman
  • Alberta/Calgary - Julia Lisztwan & Brent Kettles
  • Alaska - Mike Rose & Ben Ferguson

Semi Finalists

November 06, 2007
Top Team: McGill - Adam Gaya and Saro Setrakian

Queen's - Robert Embree and Sarah Sahagian
McGill - Laura Berman and Sophie MacIntyre
Brandeis - Evan Green-Lowe and Mark Samburg

McGill - Leon Grek and Vinay Kumar Mysore
Yale - Dave Kasten and Erin Miller
Harvard - Lewis Bollard and Ben Belser
Queen's - Lisa Jorgensen and Anisah Hassan
October 23, 2007
Top Team: Hart House - Jon Laxer and Monica Ferris

HH - Gordon Shotwell and Richard Lizius
HH - Jason Rogers and Paul Erik 'Dash' Veel
HH - John Ashbourne and Adrienne Lipsey

HH - Jeremy Opolsky and Nick Schkordoff
Carleton - Adam Coombs and Romeo Maione
Queen's - Robert Embree and Sarah Sahagian
Carleton - Garnett Genuis and Remi Kanji

Top Speaker: HH - Jeremy Opolsky
2nd: HH - Paul Erik 'Dash' Veel
3rd: HH - Jason Rogers
October 16, 2007