The full tab for Australs 2008 (including round by round results) can be found at:

Thanks to Logan for hosting.
July 15, 2008
Sydney (Julia Bowes, Naomi Oreb, Steve Hind) won Australs defeating Monash on a 6-1 split and Naomi Oreb (Sydney) was best speaker on the tab and in the final.

Top 10 speakers:
1, Naomi Oreb (Sydney 1)
2. Julia Bowes (Sydney 1)
3. Charisse Borromeo (Ateneo 1)
4. Sharmila Parmanand (Ateneo 1)
5 = Lauren Humphrey (Uni Queensland 1) & Jack Wright (Sydney 2)
7. Tim Mooney (Sydney 2)
8 = Lucia Pietropaoli (Melbourne 1) & Christopher Bishop (Victoria Wellington 1)
10. Stephen Whittington (Victoria Wellington 1)
July 10, 2008
The semi finalists at Australs

Sydney 1 (Julia Bowes, Naomi Oreb, Steve Hind) vs Sydney 2 (Tim Mooney, Brownyn Cowell, Jack Wright)

Ateneo 1 (Sharmila Parmanand, Charisse Borromeo, Kip Oebanda) vs Monash 1(Victor Finkel, Sashi Balaraman, Kiran Iyer)
July 09, 2008

The top 8 teams all made it through the Octo-finals. The Australs 2008 Qtr Finalists are

  • Sydney-1 (1)
  • Melbourne-1 (2)
  • Ateneo-1 (3)
  • Sydney-2 (4)
  • Uni of Queensland-1 (5)
  • Victoria-1 (6)
  • Monash-1 (7)
  • Victoria Wellington-2 (8)

This means the Qtr Final lineup is

  • QF 1 Sydney-1 (1) vs Victoria Wellington-2 (8)
  • QF 4 Sydney-2 (4) vs University of Queensland-1 (5)

July 09, 2008
Monash University have won the right to host the 2009 Austral-Asian Debating Championships.    They won the vote at council ahead of a rival bid from Keio.
July 09, 2008
From comments on this site and posts on other boards the break at Australs is:
July 08, 2008
The Australasian 2008 championships are currently being hosted by Ateneo Debate Society in Manila. The only updates from it I have come across are on the Victoria Debate Society blog. If anyone knows of any other sites publishing updates please let me know.
July 07, 2008
Dear All,
This is an important message for institutions attending Australs 2008. It is of particular importance for those institutions that haven't attended an Australs before or for a while. I would be grateful if someone could pass this message to those institutions who are not on this mailing list but who are attending Australs.
July 02, 2008

In line with Pre-Australs that the UP Debate Society is hosting, we would like to remind you that June 12, 2008 is the deadline of full payment for accommodations package of participants who want to avail of the discounted rate at Fersal Inn and June 13, 2008 is the deadline of full payment for accommodations package of participants who want to stay at the University Hostel.
The other dates to remember are June 20, 2008 as the last day for submitting the pre-registration form and June 23, 2008 as the deadline for payment of registration fee and other accommodations packages.

June 09, 2008