Young activists of Karakol city and Bokonbaevo village held community talks

Young activists of Karakol city and Bokonbaevo village conducted community talks aimed at discussion the needs of residents and the current problems of the city based on the results of participatory research.

Public discussions was held on November 15 in the Karakol city and on November 16 in the Bokonbaevo village. More than 70 people took part in the community talks: local authorities, young activists, local people, civil society and the business community. Event organized as a part of "Youth in Action" project.

Participants of the project presented results of a social survey held on identification the needs of the local community and analyze of the current problems of the Karakol city of and Bokonbaevo village.

Research was divided into two parts and conducted by three working groups in three different directions in two communities. Research questions were formed by the participants during the training on participatory research. Based on the results of the research is planned conduction of advocacy campaigns with the participation of residents and local authorities aimed at solving identified problems.

Participants of the community talks shared their problems after the presentation. Representatives of local government answered to the araised questions of citizens. Was also marked the importance of participation of decision-makers in such events.

A resident of Karakol, Urmat said: "I participanted in the survey on the environmental problem. Before the survey I haven't even think about the seriousness of this problem. We need to inform the public more about consequences of environmental problems in order to increase the level of ecological literacy."

"I was very interested in conduction of research starting from the preparation of questions and to interviews with respondents. It was pleasant that citizens actively participated and shared interesting stories about our city. The results of the research made it possible to actualize certain problems and I hope, by advocacy campaigns, we will be able to attract more attention", said Nuriza, the project participant.