YASno - online debate in the format of a video blog

What are youth interests? What is the role of traditional media in their lives? They do not watch TV do not read Newspapers, but are entirely absorbed in the Internet space. The main topics for discussion become hype themes ("agiotage", "brouhaha") in social networks. TV replaced with online platforms, the biggest of them is Youtube, where could be found new stars and heroes – bloggers.

To be on the wave and to speak with young people one same language IDEA CA and Namba jointly launched project "YasNo". The project "YasNo" - with the meaning of "Clear" in Russian, consists of words "yes/no" - two distinct positions, one is "For" and another is "Against". This is an online debate blog where young debaters discuss current (hype) theme. The duration of each video is from 6 to 10 minutes. They will be conducted in two languages: Russian and Kyrgyz.

The project was created on the wave of understanding that there is a need to use modern approach methods of teaching young people. There is a need for development of their critical thinking, ability to take different positions (for and against), the ability to argue their position and to respect the opinion of the opponent. Through this project we hope to convey these messages to the target audience and to make contribution in changes.

IDEA CA – international youth organization that is using debates as a tool for exchange of ideas and consideration of opposing points of view, the development of critical thinking and cultural dialogue.

Namba is one of the most popular entertainment websites, the leader in the number of users in Kyrgyzstan with about 1 million unique users per month whose age is from 12 to 45 years.


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