WUPID: Team Sponsorship (Airfare) For The Top 30 Invited Institutions.

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All of us wants to go to WUPID – that’s what I was told. But when you actually come from an institution that is entitled to a zero registration fee policy, your determination is kind of slowed down a bit as the challenge of acquiring sponsorship for your airfare seems rather distant.

After organizing WUPID for four times, I have genuinely realized that the actual predicament for institution to send teams to the championship all lies in the cost of airfare, especially for teams outside the Asia Pacific. The solution is simple. Turning WUPID into an event very much like the Formula 1. And as students simply don’t have the time and perhaps the knowledge to look for their own team sponsor, we’re here to help you out. However, we need you to help us to help you. Therefore, we would simply need three documents:

The profile of the debating union / club / society;

The profile of the debaters that will be representing the respected institution; and

A formal letter requesting for funding.

Do not however imagine that this is some kind of charity. Under normal circumstances, sponsored teams would have to bear the title of the corporate sponsor i.e. CIMB Monash throughout WUPID 2011, furnish themselves with merchandises bearing the title and/or logo of the company and behave in a manner that does not disgrace and bring harm to the company’s name or brand.

For this initiative to work however, our sponsorship seekers would definitely need time. There is a lot of effort involved and absolutely far from the notion of falling asleep in the bath tub and waking up somewhere else. We intend to work closely with the organizers of DLSU Manila Worlds as well as the organizers of the Singapore Debate Open 2011. So please send us the information before May 2011 at wupidmania@gmail.com or yunus@hngsc.com.

I don’t know. I cannot promises or guarantee that we would be able to secure the needed funding for the airfare. But I do know this. It gets easier every year.

Click here to see the list of invited instutions to WUPID 2011.

Muhammad Yunus
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