World Speech Day 15th March 2016

World Speech Day

World Speech Day is a day dedicated to celebrating speeches and speech making, through a multitude of live speaking events across the globe.  These will happen in schools and colleges, in community halls and university chambers, in offices, parliaments, museums and parks - even cafes. Each WSD event requires a host, who invites speakers and an audience. The speeches should be short and should be involve ideas that can help other people, in ways large or small.Anyone can host a World Speech Day event and anyone can speak. All you need to do is sign up on the World Speech Day site and we'll then get you set up. From then on you are free to choose a location, invite speakers and create an audience. You can issue tickets and share everything simply and speedily on social media. We already have hundreds of events planned, from Australia to South Africa, from the Philippines to the Caribbean, in Russia, Europe, the Middle East, Canada and the USA. By making World Speech open to everyone our vision is reach out to #unexpectedvoices, at  thousands of speaking events, world-wide, on a single day.What will all this look like?It’s a speech by an unknown voice, a fourteen year old school girl in Lagos, going viral: attracting a million hits on the WSD YouTube channel. It's thousands of speeches captured on video on mobile phones, simply, cheaply, globally. It’s a collection of icon events at sites where great speeches have been made – from Gettysburg to Pretoria. It’s a database (text, audio and video) of WSD speeches projecting ideas for a better world, that’s free and open to everyone. It’s a day in the world calendar that millions of people look forward to each year.That's our vision. Help us to build it.Some further key points are:World Speech Day will focus on a simple theme: “A Better World”. Anyone can speak at an WSD event and anyone can attend. It's inclusive and positive.It will harness the wisdom of crowds to uncover new ideas from unexpected voices.It's mobile: mobile phones can be the network as well as the method to promote, record and share speeches - anywhere.It's super scalable, we can harness existing infrastructures from school rooms to community halls, clubs and theatres, as well as famous venues such as Westminster, Gettysburg and the Lincoln Memorial - even the stage at Glastonbury. Simple educational collateral materials will be put together to help teach public speaking in schools and higher education.