World Schools Correction

From WSDC blog

There was an error in the tab at the recent World Schools Championships. Filip Dobranic of Slovenia should have been the EFL Top Speaker.

From CA Aaron Maniam:

We've checked the tab and it is now official that Filip is the top EFL speaker (ranked 43rd overall). There was indeed a software error so while the round 4 scores were included in the team total, they did not get reflected in the individual tab. I'll do my best to work with future adjudication teams to rectify this glitch on future tabs.

Claire will be sending the revised rankings to all the team managers for their info.
Tuna - would it be possible for you to please do up a certificate for Filip, on his new top speaker status, and convey this through Bojana?

Bojana - this was a tabbing error for which I deeply apologise. I would like to get Filip a new award, that he can keep as a reminder of his achievement. I can do this from Singapore and mail it to you. Could you let me know the best address to send the parcel to?

Thanks everyone for your patience,

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