A word about poverty

How can you save money when you have no money to spend? How can you pay your education? Who should you talk to about financial problems, or when looking for a job? And what can be done against bullying of kids for their poverty? These were the questions young people and their parents debated in public on Friday February 27 during the Money Week in The Hague.The Leergeld Den Haag foundation and IDEA provided debate training and a public debate for youth between 7 and 14 and their parents on the topic of money and the lack thereof. These took place during the Money Week that the foundation organises together with the Athena Institute to get young people talking with their parents about financial problems. The training took place on the Monday and Thursday before the public debate. A group of nine mothers, one father and 10 young people participated and chose the the motions for the final debate. They learned how to get their opinions across on the difficult topic through tools produced in the Mind your Wallet toolkit. Those participants, together with 50 others in the public had a lot to say about the topic that is normally covered up with shame. They discussed solutions for individuals, families and ways in which the authorities could help. When they discussed bullying, they were inspired by DJ Kristo (11), who rapped about his own experience with bullying. IDEA Judge Roeland Hemsteede saw many strong arguments and had the difficult task of picking the best speakers.The day ended with art, food and breakdance from H3C Heavy Hitters, a group formed at the Haags Hiphop Centrum. The participants in the project grew visibly during the training and were better able to present their ideas with stronger presentation and argumentation skills. That is a lesson they will take with them, just like the advice they shared with each other and which they indicated was very helpful. Their ideas and solutions will now be taken to the authorities through the summary of the Money Debate Tree and a video by the Athena Institute.