Vacancy announcement for Funding Analysis Consultant

Vacancy announcement for Funding Analysis Consultant
IDEA seeks a short term consultant to carry out evaluation of fundraising capacity of IDEA Network against existing funding trends, identification of gaps, mapping out potential opportunities, especially for network-level fundraising. 

Interested candidates should send their statement of interest with a CV to until January 31st  2016 (extended)

Evaluation of fundraising capacity of IDEA Network against existing funding trends, identification of gaps, mapping out potential opportunities, especially for network-level fundraising.

ToR for short-term Funding Analysis Consultant

Term of the contract: 10 February  – 29 February 2016

Final Report due: No later than 15 March 2016

Length: Not necessary to define as long as core content is covered.

Main contact at IDEA: Chair of Executive Committee

The consultant will evaluate the fundraising capacity of IDEA Network that covers the Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia, The Balkans and the European Union. We have regional offices to manage each region in Tunis, Bishkek, Skopje, Amsterdam and London.

Purpose and deliverables:
The purpose of this evaluation is to provide IDEA with a strategic advice, containing recommendations to strengthen funding prospects for IDEA, based on an assessment how fundable IDEA’s programs and projects are considering the existing fundraising context and funding opportunities and furthermore by identify existing gaps.  

The report should deliver the following:

1) An independent analysis of existing IDEA programs and projects for fundraising potential

  1. Assessment of our current projects and what funding is available in each region.
  2. Assessment of funding opportunities open to the IDEA Network offices in relation to IDEA’s Theory of Change model.
  3. Identification of potential synergies with existing IDEA Network projects to increase funding  prospects 

2) Assessment of funding trends and potential funding opportunities for IDEA

  1. The assessment should include an analysis on the gaps between what the IDEA Network currently offers in each Region and which opportunities for funding it could respond to if it repositions its offer.  
  2. What are the funding interests and requirements of key funders in the field; and include suggestions for positioning of IDEA projects in this regard
  3. The assessment should include possibilities for funding of IDEA social enterprise Network Task

The assessment will be carried out via desk based Skype interviews with designated IDEA staff and desk based research and review of the documents. There is no travel requirement for this project. 

Fees: The consultant will be paid a rate of $700 per day for a period not exceeding 8 working days (approximately 2 weeks). Two payments will be provided at the signing of the contract, and upon the satisfactory submission of the deliverables   

Expenses: No extra expenses will be built into the consultancy fee.

The ideal candidate will have track-record previous senior strategic fundraising experience for an international NGO; strong analytical, research and writing skills.


The International Debate Education Association (IDEA) is a global network of organizations that value debate as a way to give young people a voice. The IDEA Network is composed of entities located in the Netherlands (established in 1999), the United Kingdom (2011), Macedonia (2012), Kyrgyzstan (2013) and Tunisia (2014).

IDEA is the world's leading provider of debate education, providing resources, training and events to educators and young people. IDEA works with schools and universities, debate organisations and community groups and partners with foundations, NGOs, businesses, and governments.

IDEA believes that debate promotes mutual understanding and informed citizenship around the world and that its work with young people leads to increased critical thinking and tolerance, enhanced cultural exchange and greater academic excellence


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