USU 2011 Results

Here are the results from this weekend's United States University Debating Championships.


Harvard BE (Jo Box & Cormac Early)

Yale DF (Max Dovala & Kate Falkenstein)
New South Wales KM (Angela Kintominas & David Maher)
Alaska CS (Sarah Carpenter & Aime Stanley)

Top Speakers
1. Cormac Early (Harvard)
2. Jo Box (Harvard)
3. James Kilcup (Loyola Marymount)
4. Kate Falkenstein (Yale)
5. Colin Haughey (Alaska)
6. David Maher (New South Wales)
7. Naz El-Khatib (Yale)
8. Margaret Brower (Colgate)
9. Max Dovala (Yale)
10. Bob Cashen (Loyola Marymount)

Yale BE (Nate Blevins & Naz El-Khatib)
Alaska CH (Drew Cason & Colin Haughey)
Alaska FP (Brett Frazer & Amy Parent)
St. John’s CM (Kamya Chandra & Nipun Mahajan)

Carleton CM (Simon Cameron & Romeo Maione)
Claremont SW (Will Savage & Matt Wolfson)
Queens EW (Kayla Ellis & WuDi Wu)
Fordham MM (Peter Morrissey & Caitlin McElroy)
Edinburgh BO (Paul Brown & Sebastian Osborne)
Colgate SS (Austin Schwartz & Travis Steele)
Cornell BY (Alex Bores & Ryan Yeh)
Loyola Marymount CK (Bob Cashen & James Kilcup)

St. John’s FP (George Fitzpatrick & Korey Pace)
Seattle KP (Michael Kaemingk & Chase Parker)
Claremont CB (Joseph Clifton & Jesse Katz-Blumenthal)
Harvard KR (Praga Kakani & William Ryan)
Vermont AC (Sarah Anders & Dam Cmejla)
Vermont GL (Paul Gross & Issac Loeb)
UCDLS OR (Dearbhia O’Gorman & Janine Ryan)
Patrick Henry GN (Joanna Griffith & Michal Walters)
LaVerne MT, (Ryan Mansell & Corey Teter)
Colgate BC (Margaret Bower & Michael Cohen)
Portland BB (Aaron Baker & Lindsay Bing)
LaVerne PP (John Patrick & Brian Pride)
Seattle SW (Sophia Sanders and Ben Watts)
Swarthmore KM (Jenny Koch & David Mok-Lamme)
Regis BD (Kaleb Brooks & Jon Denzler)
Bates EM (Colin Etnire & Ian Mahmud)

Novice Winner
Cornell RS

Novice Finalists:
Claremont MT
Colgate MS
China Peking-Fudan HZ

Best Judge:
Monica Ferris
Josh Martin

Top Judge:
Gavin Ilsley

Coach of the Year
Stephen Boyle (University of Vermont)

Final: This House believes that the United States government should actively facilitate the circumvention of Internet filters in other countries.
Novice Final: This House would open brothels on military bases
Semi: This House supports a constitutional right to a minimum standard of living
Qtrs: This House would instruct juries to acquit where they believe conviction would not be in the public interest.
Octos: This House believes that human shields are legitimate targets in war
R5: This house would create a public forum for active duty military personnel to criticize government policy.
R4: This House would mandate a quota for women on the boards of large corporations
R3: This House would grant amnesty to dictators who voluntarily leave office.
R2: This House would charge players who commit violent sporting fouls with assault.
R1: This house would mandate insurance in disaster prone areas
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