USU 2011 Announces Adjudication Team‏

We received a huge number of high quality applications to serve as members of the CA team for this year's USU in Vermont. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for applying and for their patience while we finalized our line-up. We are delighted to announce that our team will be as follows:

Stephen Boyle - CA
Stephen was an accomplished debater who broke twice at Worlds, was a runner up and twice finalist of the Oxford IV, a winner of the Irish Times, the Yale and Hart House IV's and the Bristol Open and a Gold Medallist of the Literary and Historical Society in UCD. He has judged the finals of both Euros and USU and was a semi-final judge at this year's world championships. He will serve as a DCA of Belgrade Euros 2012 if they win their bid to host the competition.

Adam Goldstein - DCA
Adam was an incredibly successful debater both in the WUDC and American parliamentary format. In WUDC he has broken twice at Worlds, was the top speaker at the Oxford IV, a winner of the Cambridge IV and the top speaker at the Yale IV. In American Parliamentary, he won the North American Championships, the Harvard Tournament, and was Finalist or better at no less than thirteen other tournaments. Adam is also an immensely experienced judge, and served on the final panel of this year's main break at Worlds.

Anish Mitra - DCA
Anish has been one of the most consistent performers on the American debating circuits for some years. He is winner of five American Parliamentary tournaments, including the APDA national championships. He also has an incredibly impressive WUDC record, which includes reaching the Semis of Worlds, the finals of USU and the semis of the Oxford IV. He has served as judging director of the APDA national championships, and three times as judging director of the Stanford Tournament.

Mary Nugent - DCA
Mary is one of the most experienced debaters and judges from the IONA circuit. She is winner of the UCL Open, the London IV, Oxford Women's and the Cardiff IV. She had judged the finals of Worlds, the Cambridge IV, the LSE Open and several other competitions. Mary will be familiar to several US schools having been selected for the prestigious English Speaking Union tour of America last year.

Shamila Parmanand - DCA
Sharmila has an impressive pedigree as a speaker, having broken at Worlds, reached the final of Australs, having also been in the semi finals twice. She is a three times winner of the AUDC tournament and a winner of the Philippine national championships. She has since focused her attention on judging. She had judged the Worlds final, served as a DCA of both Australs and UADC and most recently was appointed CA of Worlds 2013 which will be held in Berlin.

Sam Natale - ACA
Sam will serve as assistant to the chief adjudicator, and will be responsible for liaising between the adjudication team and the org comm for the tournament. He is the most successful WUDC debater in UVM's history, having reached the final of WUPID and breaking at Worlds, as well as reaching the semi finals of USU, and being top speaker at over ten regional tournaments in the North East. He was an invited judge at the Chinese national championships and was a DCA at the BIND championship.

Alfred C. Snider aka Tuna
Edwin Lawrence Professor of Forensics, University of Vermont
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