Update from WUPID

Below is an e-mail on this year's WUPID in December.

  • Due to the amount of available space (as of current) and the list of universities in the waiting list, the committee has agreed to increase the institutional cap to 4 teams - where all are qualified to break. During the protected registration period for invited institutions, each institution can only register a maximum of 2 teams. The other 1 or 2 additional team will have to be placed in the waiting list.

    The selection of the teams (within the waiting list), will be decided by the committee and suggestions / advices from the adjudication core. Generally, the selection will be on the basis of the institutions / teams contribution to the competitiveness of the entire debating tournament. The committee will also give preference to teams that has supported WUPID last year and opportunities to teams which are not in the top 30. Yet again, competitiveness is the general criteria. And conclusively, the choice is up to the good judgment of the lovely organizers.
    Read the registration process
    here (http://mlysn.wordpress.com/cimb-wupid-2008/registration/). And if you need to contact us, feel free to email yunus@hngsc.com

    CIMB WUPID 2008

On a related issue you may have seen earlier e-mails and announcements on the adjudication team for WUPID 2008 and that I would be running the tab. I am afraid I've had to pull out of the event. This isn't because of any lack of confidence in the tournament. I think it is a fabulous event and after last year I'm really disappointed not to be going again this time. However my wife and I are expecting our first child in December so I won't be able to travel anywhere around that time (luckily Worlds is only an hour from my house). However it is an excellent event and I would strongly urge you to attend if possible. Colm.

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