UADC 2011 Top Speakers

I have been looking for the tab from UADC on various sites but can't fine it.  If anyone has it please send it on.  In the meantime I came across the top 10 speakers on the IndoDebate site.

Top 10 Speakers

Imran Rahim (National University of Singapore1)
Lee Yarcia (University of the Philippines-Manila1)
Sadhana Rai (National University of Singapore1)
Robin Teo (National University of Singapore1)
Robert Totanes (University of the Philippines-Manila1)
Carlito Reyes (De La Salle University1)
Shiveena Parmanand (Ateneo De Manila University1)
Don Stanley Dalisay (University of the Philippines-Manila1)
Cecile Gotamo (Ateneo De Manila University1)
Dino De Leon (De La Salle University1)

Top 10 EFL Speakers
#56 Ammar Syah Anwar (Universitas Bakrie1)
#91 Yuki Tominaga (University of Tokyo1)
#95 Leo Wibisono (Institut Pertanian Bogor1)
#100 Fumihiko Sano (University of Tokyo1)
#113 Yudha Mustafa (Universitas Bakrie1)
#125 Annisa Sabran (Binus International1)
#130 Aryo Febrian (Universitas Bakrie1)
#132 Kit Prasert Nopparat (Chulalongkorn University2)
#138 Zhang Gou Sheng (Beijing University of Technology1)
#143 Chakrit Seankho (Chulalongkorn University2)
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