Training: Empowering youth activism and free speech

Do you believe young women and girls should have a voice? That minorities should be empowered? In human rights and social mobility? Or in British values of free speech and democracy? Then join us in developing a debate club.

Debating provides numerous benefits to young debaters by boosting their self-confidence and teaching them the skills they need for the 21st Century such as public speaking and communications skills, critical thinking, active listening and analysis. It provides an enjoyable way to engage in current issues and politics – those who have been involved by our clubs are far more politically engaged.

This is the second in our summer training workshops to support those who are interested in teaching debate to young people as part of our World Debate Club programme. The session will be useful both to those who are completely new to debate, or our programme, or have some prior knowledge of debating.

The World Debate Club programme involves clubs in Further Education Colleges and Schools throughout London and we are looking to expand. To do that we need YOU! We need those who want to empower young people, or simply want to encourage them to be more engaged to help run our clubs. It only takes an hour a week (or every other week if shared with others), so what are you waiting for?  

The next iteration of this workshop will take place on the 23rd August. You can find the event on Eventbrite.

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