Training and mapping of debate and argumentation trainers in Southeast Europe

IDEA Southeast Europe (SEE) is organizing a training of trainers for: 

  • debate,
  • rhetoric and
  • public speaking,

to be held in Belgrade, Serbia from 15 to 18 November, 2014. Departure day is 19 November 2014. Apply here.

Up to 30 participants from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria will be accepted for the training and the associated round-table discussions on online platform for mapping and booking debate, argumentation and public speaking trainers. In order to secure not only development, but also growing of debate circle in the region, we will secure up to 5 spots for participants that want to open debate club at their University, but don’t have any/much debate experience. 

The core training team is composed of experienced debaters and trainers from the region, including Milan Vignjevic from Serbia, Stela Braje from Croatia, Filip Dobrancic from Slovenia, Manolis Polychronides from Greece and Stefan Ristovski from Macedonia. They will be joined by 5 experienced trainers, soon to be announced.

Along with the training of trainers, the event will include a number of discussions towards the development and building of a new online platform for mapping and booking debate, rhetoric and argumentation and public speaking trainers in the SEE region. This upcoming online platform is to ease finding appropriate trainer capacity for debate, rhetoric and public speaking for any and all individuals, institutions and organizations in need for debate and public speaking trainers, allowing for ease of searching, booking and following trainers.

Deadline to apply for the training: 8  November, 2014.

Cost: Travel, accmodation and food expenses covered by the organizer

For programmatic inquiries please contact Milan Vignjevic.

For logistic inquiries please contact Mite Kuzevski.

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