Toolkit to evaluate the effects of your (debate) programs

IDEA NL presents the toolkit to evaluate debate education programs.

You can find the toolkit here.

IDEA NL and its partners who cooperated in the consortium “From Measuring to Learning: Evaluating the Impact of Debate on Critical Thinking and Democratic Values”, present the toolkit ‘from measuring to learning’. In order to transfer knowledge on how to become a learning organisation through evaluations the consortium developed a free-for-use toolkit. This toolkit can be used by any educational and debate education organisation in order to improve  understanding of your own debate programs, as well as communicate better to key public and private sector the benefits that debate education brings.  The toolkit explains the different goals and related methods that you have with your evaluation. When your goal is for instance to learn from the evaluation, you will design your evaluation different compared to an evaluation that wants to measure impact. Whatever goal you choose, you will start with a Theory of Change and the toolkit shows the Theory of change that was used for this evaluation with the focus on the outcomes of critical thinking and democratic values. The consortium delivered various tests to measure those outcomes, and those tests are made available in the toolkit too. It is worth to have a look and we look forward to seeing the widespread use of this toolkit and of evaluations within debate.

The development of the toolkit was supported by the Dutch Youth Institute via the Erasmus Plus Youth, under Key Action 2. The toolkit is based on the thorough work of all partners in this consortium which are SDA (Slovakia), EDS (Lithuania), DS (Lativia), ARDOR (Romania), EDS (Estonia), YEF (Macedonia), ADK (Czech Republic) and IDEA NL (The Netherlands).

If you are interested in learning more about this program, the report or how to use the toolkit, you can reach out to Anne Valkering, Yvonne Heselmans or Daan Welling via, under the subject ‘evaluation’. We have a network of experienced evaluators and we can link you to them.