Third trainer for IDEA Debate Exchange announced!

Thore Wojke is the third trainer for the Trainer's Track of the IDE!
The Trainer's Track is a professional coach for debate trainings that allows for official accreditation. This is a process recognisable for official institutions and a set of workshops that usually costs hundreds, or even thousands of Euros to complete. At IDE we offer this process for a fraction of that cost. Sign-up is still open if you go to the event page, but will close in three days! You have very shortly to make up your mind!


About Me

Hi, I’m Thore. I’ve been born in Flensburg in 1982 and pursued a degree in teaching Geography and English in Mainz. In 2004 I joined the debating club and since then I have spend countless evenings and weekends debating and attending tournaments.

Debating has given me a lot and has become a life-feeling for me. The debating circle has become an extended family. From this I draw the motivation to contribute my spare time to the professionalising of debate in Germany. In this way I can offer my modest contribution to ensuring that more young people are exposed to the intoxicating cosmos of debating.



If you participate in a debating club for a long time, you will almost automatically enter the coaching role - workshops, training debates, tournament preparation or coaching during a tournament. Since I became president of the DCJG in 2008/2009, I have always managed to slip myself into the coaching role, for Mainz and other clubs.

From this, I draw enough experience to define what skills are necessary to master coaching tasks in debating. I combine this experience with my professional knowledge of teaching and competency, which I gained during my studies and traineeships - and with the wealth of experience ten years of debating has brought me.


Debating Achievements

Winner ZEITDebatte Dresden 2014 (BPS)

Winner Gutenbergcup 2011 („Spaßdebatten“ - OPD)

ESL-break Oxford IV 2009

Winner ZEITDebatte Tübingen 2009 (OPD)

Best speaker in the final ZEITDebatte Jena 2009 (Wartburg)