Summary of WSDC results

World Champions: England (Ben Woolgar, Farquhar, Fox and Emily Pearce)

Runners up: New Zealand (Jen Savage, Ben Kornfeld, Maria English, Tom Chen and Holly Jenkins)

Best ESL Team: Greece

Best EFL Team: Slovenia

Top 10 Speakers
1. Jen Savage (NEW ZEALAND)
2. Ben Kornfeld (NEW ZEALAND)
3. Chris Bisset (AUSTRALIA)
4. Holly Jenkins (NEW ZEALAND)
5. Ben Woolgar (ENGLAND)
6. Sam Greene (CANADA)
7. Emily Chalk (AUSTRALIA)
8. Sian Ni Mhuiri (IRELAND)
9. Daniel Kaliski (SOUTH AFRICA)
10. Hugh Burns (IRELAND)

Top ESL speaker
Zeeshan Haida (Pakistan)

Top EFL speaker
Carmen Belofi (Germany)

Grand Final Judges: Maniam (Singapore), Erskine (Australia), Webster (Canada), Bandey (Pakistan), Lee (Republic of Korea), Mazilu (Romania), Fecko (Slovakia), Miholic (Slovenia), James (Wales),

Final: This house would expand the permanent membership of the UN Security Council.
Semi: This house would drop all US sanctions on Cuba.
Qtr: This house regrets the holding of the 2008 Beijing Olympics
Octo: This House believes that heads of government should be required to have a parliamentary majority to govern
Rd7: This house believes that governments have a duty to bail out failing financial institutions
Rd6: This house would cease the use of detention without trial in the war on terror
Rd5: This house would make the directors of multinational companies personally liable for environmental abuses committed by their companies in the developing world
Rd4: This house believes that humanities courses should be part of every undergraduate programme
Rd3: This house would ban the use of unethically obtained data in scientific research
Rd2: This house would ban strikes by those working in essential state services
Rd1: TH supports military intervention to deliver emergency aid in humanitarian crises
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