Sri Lanka debate community recovers after a tumultuous year

The past year has brought challenges and heartbreak to the growing debate community in Sri Lanka after terrorist attacks prevented the community from hosting members from 67 countries at the World Schools Debating Championship last year. The disappointment has only served as a rallying point for the local Debaters' Council, which committed to bring international debating to Sri Lanka and showcase its country’s growing debate ecosystem.

This is why the Debaters' Council of Sri Lanka is proud to invite you to its international debate tournament being organized this April in Colombo.

Promoting debate as a method of teaching and as an idea is incredibly important in a multifaceted society such as Sri Lanka, where issues of inclusion, tolerance, social struggle, and peacebuilding shape everyday realities. Advancing critical thinking and empowering young people through bringing international debate to Colombo is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

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