Some info from Worlds Council

Here is a brief summary of some of the main decisions at the World Debating Council meeting in Botswana.

Berlin won the right to host Worlds in 2013 defeating Zagreb 87-9 in the final vote.

Progress report from De La Salle shows Manilla Worlds 2012 on track and council ratified their hosting of the tournament.

The final financial report from Koc WUDC 2010 showed a 100,000 euro debt. All now paid. Warning to future tournaments to be careful of spending on hotel.
Lengthy and at times hostile discussion on the financial situation with Botswana WUDC 2011.  They were requested to provide a more detailed financial report than the one originally presented.  There were also complaints about the Visa situation, Socials, Security etc.

There was some discussion on the fact that 3 of the motions so far were also used in the Sydney Mini (R9 was from the final there) and Melbourne Mini tournaments (two motions were used there) earlier this year.  A motion was passed that at future Worlds the adjudication team should avoid setting motions that have already been used in one major competition in one region.

The proposal to expand the break to include all teams on 18 points was discussed and a decision postponed until a second meeting on 2nd January.

The discussion on reforming the registration process was shelved to next year

Council voted to support an initiative to hold an off shoot of WUDC in espanol in Caracas, Venezuela later in 2011.  I'm sure more details of this will be circulated.

Future adjudication teams are to disclose the criterial for awarding subsidy to judges to attent Worlds. This to be provided at the bid defense the year before and also reported on at council during the tournament.

Thanks to @jozefthenu for the updates from council.

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