Social initiatives of Students from Novostroiki

In order to support young people from Bishkek’s novostroiki and peripheries who often do not have access to information and services regarding their rights and interests, IDEA CA initiated a seven-month project on leadership development and the participation of students in social and political life. To develop their critical thinking, communication, and argumentation skills, students received training on debate. They were also trained in social projects. Upon the completion of the training, they submitted project proposals and implemented ten social initiatives to improve conditions in their community or school.

Some Social Initiatives

• School №85 organized a forum theater performance in which they discussed the problem of access to education: should you drop out of school and find work or complete your education? The most active participants of forum theatre received books as a reward for their work.

• School №57 developed an initiative called "Education as an Alternative to Racketeering" to contribute to the solution of the problem of racketeering. Students purchased books on self-development and gave them to the school library, meaning that these books, on topics such as on leadership, motivation and financial literacy, are accessible to all. They also met with a speaker who noted the importance of education for success.

• School №35 conducted an initiative called "Today's Step is Tomorrow's Future" in which conducted series of workshops about how civil activism and participation in civic life can assist personal development. The initiative also raised awareness of the opportunities that exist today and provided training on life skills including leadership, confidence, public speaking, and time management. The workshops were attended by over 50 students.

• School №93 held a meeting on the theme "My Future Profession", inviting speakers from a range of different spheres. These speakers shared their experiences and talked about their professions and more than 100 students and teachers attended the meeting. Following the meeting, in the library of School №93 opened a career guidance corner and the school received books on career guidance and self-development.

• School №56 implemented a project called "Create Beauty Around Yourself". The aim of the project was to promote a caring attitude towards the environment among the general public. Students planted flowers, trees and shrubs and held an essay contest on the theme of "Create Beauty Around Yourself". The winners of which were awarded with prizes.