Sign the petition: OPEN UP! let youth be heard, so educate them to debate!

Today is the day to celebrate the Universal Declaration for Human Rights. A beautiful momentum to launch  the campaign and sign the petition 'OPEN UP!, let all youth be heard so educate them to debate'.

It would be great if you sign the petition. 'Don't talk about us, but with us. So educate us to debate' said one young OPEN UP! participant. Listening to the opinions of young people prevents a lot of future problems. Fair cooperation with them will be affective because it helps them to address the most urgent needs. It would be great if you support the young campaigners too in bringing 1 million signatures to European Parliamentaries in Strasbourg during the Youth SUMIT June 1, 2018.” IDEA and many other partners in 14  European countries support them in this already. You too? Sign the petition here

This campaign is powered by IDEA NL and other IDEA entities, members of IDEA NL,  and youth work and human rights organisations in 14 European countries. They all join in 'OPEN UP! Let youth be heard!'

OPEN UP! Let youth be heard!  is a network of IDEA NL members and entities, other debate organisations, youth work- and art organisation, youth workers, young role models, debaters, academics, artist who support youth to be heard in the communities. We are active in

The Belgium, Bosnia, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Greece, Haiti, Italy, Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Tunisia

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