Securing Liberty in Central Asia

Securing Liberty in Central Asia

The first IDEA University Debate Tournament in Russian will be on the theme of Securing Liberty. 

More than 100 teams have registered for the five-day event, which will start on September 20th at Lake Issykul in Kyrgyzstan.

Participants from across the Russian-speaking world, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgzystan, Tajikistan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Belarus, will debate motions including "This house would topple regimes suspected of aiding terrorists", "This house believes life was better in Soviet Union" and "This house would ban ultra-right-wing parties". The tournament will also provide training in argumentation, British Parliamentary format and judging. 

Debate programs are very popular at universities across Russia and the NIS region, with many tournaments taking place on regular basis.

We hope this tournament will become an annual event, bringing together debaters from across Central Asia and beyond. 

IDEA is in the process of registering an office in Bishkek, Kyrgzystan to develop capacity through the provision of trainings, curriculum development and exchanges.

This tournament develops the theme of Securing Liberty beyond IDEA’s work on the subject in the United States and will provide the opportunity for participants to reflect on its implications for their region and individual countries.

The high numbers of students registering to take part marks a genuine enthusiasm for the development of Russian-speaking debate and an on-going commitment by IDEA to fostering open and public discourse.

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