Results: All Nigerian Universities Debating Championships 2015

Main: Ogbuokiri David Ugochukwu & Uchegbu Dickson (Imo State University Owerri)
Open: Uwakwe Henry Ikechukwu & Ogbuokiri Ifeanyi Valentine (Imo State University Owerri)

Ekezie Kennedy Joseph & Okon Faithfulness (University of Calabar)
Nwaokoro Nzube & Okungbowa Ayokunle (University of Lagos)
Kpasome Peter & Sandra Chukwurah Chris (University of Calabar)
Vivian Ofre & Mkpouto Pius (Voice of Reason Debate Association)
Ike-Obioha Jewel & Undiandeye Ojifo Raphael (University of Port Harcourt)
Ogbu Paschaline & Eze Grace (Ebonyi State University Abakaliki)

Best debating Institution
University of Calabar

Top 10 Speakers Ave.
1. Ekezie Joseph Kennedy C. 77.22 (University of Calabar)
2. Ogbuokiri Valentine Ifeanyi 76.33 (Imo State University Owerri)
2 Nwaokoro Nzube 76.33 (University of Lagos)
4. Okon Faithfulness Michael 75.88 (University of Calabar)
5. Ogbuokiri David Ugochukwu 75.77 (Imo State University Owerri)
6. Uwakwe Henry Ikechukwu 75.55 (Imo State University Owerri)
7. Olaitan Zainab 75 (University of Lagos)
8. Eze Nwakuba 74.66 (Michael Okpara University of Agriculture
8. Kpasome Peter 74.66 (University of Calabar)
10. = Daniel Obiyo 74.55 (Michael Okpara University of Agriculture
10. = Sandra Chris Chukwurah 74.55 (University of Calabar)
10. = Okungbowa Ayokunle 74.55 (University of Lagos)

Round 1: This house will allow prisoners serving life sentences access to voluntary Euthanasia

Round 2: This house will dissolve the African Union

Round 3: INFO SLIDE: You are a Medical Surgeon in the ER. Five patients who got hurt in a terrible car accident are rushed into your ward and are all in need of a different organ immediately or they will all die. One needs a heart. One needs a lung, one needs a kidney, one needs a liver and the last one needs a pancreas. In the room next to you lies a healthy patient who came in for a check-up and whose organs match those of the five patients in critical condition.
Assuming there’s 100% chance of success in transplanting the organs, this house, as the Surgeon, would steal the organs of the healthy patient and transplant it into each of the critically ill car wreck patients.

Round 4: INFO SLIDE: An Egyptian billionaire is offering to buy an island (from Greece and Italy) for people fleeing their homes to Europe from war-torn countries in the Middle East and Africa.
This house will sell him an Island.

Round 5: As the Nigerian Government, this house would sever relations (economic and political) with countries which do not return looted funds.

Round 6: This house prefers Nationalization of essential industries to privatization models

Round 7: This house will make the US Presidential elections as International election with a proportional weighting system of 60% weighting for the US citizens, and 40% weighting system for International votes.

Round 8: Except for instances of abuse, this house would prohibit divorce.

Round 9: THW ban hip pop music from public media

ANUDC Quarter Finals: THW dissolve State autonomy in favour of a unitary system of government.

ANUDC Semis: This House Believes that targeted killing of leaders of groups who pose security threat to the citizens is legitimate.

ANUDC Open Finals Motion: This House regrets the rise of charismatic Preachers.

ANUDC Main Finals Motion: This House will allow children, upon reaching the age of maturity, to sue their parents for sabotaging their opportunities during their childhood.

Full Tab can be downloaded from the website:

Next Host of ANUDC is Covenant University, Lagos Nigeria.


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