Ohio holds it’s first World’s style tournament

The first Ohio Wesleyan tournament was held this weekend and was won by Vermont. This is the first Worlds style debate held in Ohio which has traditionally been dominated by the "Lincon Douglas" or "Policy" format and shows the increasing success of the parliamentary debating format. Michigan Flint were runner's up.

OG: Grove City HP
OO: Michigan Flint FW
CG: Vermont GL
CO: Grove City DW

Final: This House would put boots on the ground for regime change in Libya
Semi: This House would end our dependence on robots before it's too late. Room1
Rd6 This House would ban home schooling. Would this motion make sense in Europe? Just curious.
Rd5 This House believes that recent regime changes in Tunisia and Egypt will cause more harm than good.
Rd4 This House believes that China should end its one-child policy.
Rd2 This House believes that now is the time to abandon nuclear power.

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