Meet IDEA NL members: SDA (Slovakia)

IDEA celebrated its 15th anniversary in November. In those fifteen years, IDEA NL has cooperated with many different partners, donors and hosts to its events, but most importantly, with its members. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to present our members, and thank them for their contributions. Meet SDA, our Slovakian member. 

The Slovak Debate Association has over 1000 members, whom together organised 31 events last year. This included regional, national and international tournaments, as well as various seminars, public debates and a summer academy. The most important event was the Bratislava Schools Debating Competition which was last year’s biggest international tournament for high school students in Europe. In addition to this, the Summer Academy ‘Discover’, which provides an intensive educational experience for high school students from Slovakia and the Czech Republic,which is something the Slovak Debate Association is especially proud of. 

The Slovak Debate Association has been educating young people through debate for 15 years. This is possible due to the many volunteers who passionately care about future generations of young people in Slovakia. They are hopeful that their work will continue in the next 5 years, becoming a fully established institution, with clearly defined procedures and methods of work, with staff always ready to provide comprehensive support for our debating clubs and members. They also strive to be perceived as a credible third sector partner, whose expertise can be used in formulating educational policies. 

Want to know more about SDA, or about our other members? Check out the video below!