Launch of the CIMB WUPID 2008 Mini-Site

The UN officials who condemned footages of Amy Winehouse in her sandals with injection marks between her toes, has probably not seen the university debating culture glamorising the “debate high” that debaters got from continuous quality debating and adjudication at the inaugural WUPID last year (2007).

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If these teetotal bureaucrats think that this singer’s fan will follow her on crack, they are far more naive than Hollywood. Most of my generation (in debating) thinks of the debate drug as much as our parents think of getting their children a bloody degree. Amy Winehouse, if the rumours are true, was just joining in the mainstream. Whereas people like Praba Ganesan has clearly gone beyond - as being awarded the only Asian to be the best speaker in Asia Pacific will testify.

The most powerful role models are debaters, not celebrities. Teachers and parents talk about how hard is it to convince their kids to get an education when they can have a career with a debate certificate and aspire to make MYR250-00 an hour.

The only way to make our streets safe from crack or cocaine is to get our generation feel the high from continuous quality debating. And where best to get it from, if not at the prestigious CIMB WUPID 2008.

To have a go, visit our mini-site at http://mlysn.wordpress,com/cimb-wupid-2008/ as our official website would only be available in August - apparently is a domain that belongs to an alien that expires this August [sigh]. But not to worry, the links are all there (accommodation, registration, etc) but if you can’t find them, the links are also available in the second column under “departments”.

And just in cases, feel free to email me at or

Source: MLYSN
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