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Dear all,

We are glad to announce that on September 18–19, 2010 in the beautiful city of Kyiv (Ukraine) Third Annual International Debate Tournament KYIV OPEN will take place, held by UYNGO “Debate Academy”.

The Tournament is held in British Parliamentary style.
Language – English.
Team cap – 40 teams.
Participation fee €15 for members of UYNGO “Debate Academy”,
€25 for other debaters,
no charge for adjudicators.
Participants are provided with accommodation, food and transfer round our beautiful city.
We insist on N-1 rule.

Chief Adjudicator – Jens Henning Fischer (Head of Berlin Debating Union, prominent debater and adjudicator at Euros and Worlds).

DCA's: Anne Valkering (EUDC finalist and Euros 2010 convenor) and Eugene Akulich (breaking Worlds & Euros adjudicator, WUDC finalist and Moscow Open organizer)

During the Tournament participants will face 5 preliminary, semi-final and final rounds, debate parties with some r-r-real surprise; have an opportunity to communicate with extraordinary people; and feel the unique atmosphere of one of the oldest cities of Europe.

REGISTRATION is OPEN till August, 20.

Don’t miss your chance to debate in one of the greenest, most picturesque and ancient cities of Europe! Just imagine: golden trees, domes of cathedrals and... pure debates!

Details and regforms are available at

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Kira Shymanska
Ayshe Memetova
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