Kenyalang Debate Open Competition 2011

UiTMSarawak will be organizing the Kenyalang Debate Open Competition 2011. Thetheme of this year’s tournament is K-Transformation W-Impact.

Thisevent will be held from 28th October 2011 to 1st November 2011 in UiTM Sarawak,Kota Samarahan.

Withregards to the above matter, we would like to cordially invite debaters fromyour campus to join this event. The maximum number of teams are 2 (3pax/team)for English and 2 (4pax/team) for Bahasa Malaysia inclusive of adjudicatorsrespectively.  Each participants will becharged RM 150.00.

Youmay contact Abdul Rahman Abdul Kadir (Convener) at 016-8004115 and Mohd ShafieHamdin at 013-5739291 for further details.

Weonly accept cash/cheque payment and it should be addressed to the Rector ofUiTM Sarawak or the “Unit Bendahari of UiTM Sarawak”.