IDEA Youth Forum 2011

 IDEA Youth Forum 2011

Training the Trainers

IDEA, in cooperation with HREA, is organising an eight-week-long e-learning course for selected trainers participating in the 2011 IDEA Youth Forum. The goal of this training is for participants to gain a basic understanding of international migration; the key terms, issues and trends, so that they can effectively transfer these to the Youth Forum participants. The course will address the general legal framework around migration, immigration policies and migration management. However the course is aimed to provide a practical understanding that will allow trainers to impart knowledge on this relatively complex topic in such a way as to be of interest and use to participants.

Registration and Selection Prove Tough Again

As set out in the last edition, selectors face a real challenge in balancing the desire to participate in the forum with the simple logistical realities of the available space. Currently there are 320 applicants interested in participating in the event, unfortunately we have space only for up to 280 participants. In practical terms, this translates to 62 Karl Popper Debate Championship teams and up to 15 newcomers (IND track). 

The Participant’s Selection Committee tackle this problem by assessing each application against the following three criteria. First of all, we review all applications and check whether the basic requirements for being a debater or a coach have been met (for example have the coaches graduated high school) and if all the questions have been completed properly.

After this phase, the committee takes a closer look at applications and how they sit within the broader goals of the event. One of the main challenges for the organizers is ensuring the greatest possible diversity of participants, especially in terms of nationality. Therefore, we have a cap of 15 individuals per country and three teams per institution. However, individual exceptions can be made, if the country and its debate program are large, for example in the case of the United States.

The third and final elimination round considers the motivation of the individual, the impact their selection would have and their opportunities to take part in other international debating events. This results in a list of selected participants and a waiting list both of which are announced, via email, to all registered participants and posted on the website.

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Getting in the mood

If you are interested in film and the topic of migration, you might want check out a 2010 film starring Javier Bardem called “Biutiful”. This is the dramatic story of a man who, facing death, is trying to come to terms with his own life. In doing so the film gives an insight into the experiences of illegal migrants in Spain. 

Biutiful on the Internet Movie Database: [ ]

The 2011 IDEA Youth Forum is a two-week summer debate event for high school students and their coaches, which will take place from July 19 to August 1, 2011 in Istanbul. The event is co-organized by IDEA and Doga Colleges.

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