IDEA UK trains Young Advisors group in Waltham Forest

IDEA UK held the latest in its series of Debate in the Neighbourhood training the trainers sessions last Tuesday. IDEA UK’s trainer, Saleeta Coates, was in Waltham Forest Town Hall to engage Waltham Forest’s Youth Independent Advisory Group (YIAG), part of the Young Advisors.The Young Advisors are young people who take part in peer mentoring in schools, in the Youth Offending Team and with homeless young people. They are young people who have themselves had similar issues, and the group was made up of young people with experience of homelessness, drug abuse problems, mental health issues, or who have been in trouble with the police. As part of their desire to turn their lives around, they are referred to the Young Advisors group, who train them to mentor other young people who may be in danger. The YIAG are solely responsible for looking at Community Safety issues like body image, drug abuse and crime.Our debate training session was part of this training to be mentors. There were seventeen participants learning how to teach debate who enthusiastically participated in active warm up activities before getting down to more serious discussions on reducing the voting age to 16, whether young people should all be made to do a period of community service, and whether class B drugs should be legalised.As a very intelligent and passionate group we look forward to seeing them bringing debate to others in their community.