IDEA SEE's project wins "Messenger of the Invisible" award for a short film on social exclusion and poverty in Macedonia

Aleksandar Manasiev, Editor in Chief of Vidi Vaka is receiving the award

The team of Vidi Vaka received the award "Messenger of the Invisible" for the documentary titled "Pickers". This award came as a gratitude to the journalists writing on social issues connected with poverty and social exclusion, giving voice to the people that rarely have the opportunity to speak about the problems publicly and are almost socially invisible.

Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform presented this award for the first time and the award itself is a part of the project "Journalism-Prize Goes International", initiated by the Austrian Anti-Poverty Platform, and financed by the ERSTE Foundation and the European Anti-Poverty Network.

The short documentary "Pickers" follows the life story of Miftar Sebin from Skopje. He is 23 years old and gathers plastic in his cart in order to provide food for his three children. The film shows the process of recycling done by the informal waste pickers, and the other part is done by the business sector, which profits from those raw materials.

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