Great Serdang Debate 2008

The Great Serdang Debate 2008 hosted by UPM from the 22nd-26th May has just been concluded.

The tourney saw 20 teams from 7 institutions and was running on the Australs style.

Champs : UT MARA 2 (Izzie, Aerie, Aina) } 3-2 Split decision

Runners-up : IIUM 2 (Yem, Hadi, Chua)}

Semifinalists : IIUM 4(azrul, khalidah, meor) & UT MARA 1(maketab, atiq, wani)

Overall best speaker : Nor Hazwani Zainal (UT MARA 1)
Finals Best Speaker: Iskandar Abdullah (Izzie) (UT MARA 2)

Source Allasians list
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