Get involved: How to teach debate.

Have you ever wondered how to teach debate to young people? Would you like to learn? If so then we have the just the workshop for you! iDebate trainers Bien King and Duncan Crowe along with trustee Alex Cavell will be running a two hour workshop on the subject next week. They will introduce you to our programmes, to why teaching debate is important, the impact it can have, and the benefits it provides – both for yourself and for those you teach.

The session is both for those who already know about debate and are interested in putting that skill to good use, and for those who are new to debating – perhaps you have an interest in education and want to use new methodologies and ideas. So if you yourself have never debated before do not worry the session will provide you with a basic grounding in debating, its rules, and how it works.

The evening will end by giving you a chance to try out your debate skills in an impromptu debate where our trainers will help out and provide constructive feedback.

Interested? Find out more and sign up on Eventbrite, or else feel free to just show up at 1 Frederick’s Place (near Bank and Moorgate Stations) at 18:00 next Wednesday (21st June) and we will try to squeeze you in!

This is the first session in a series that aims to prepare you to be able to teach others – something we hope that you will do working with iDebate so check back again for more in the series.