First Big Animal Research Debate goes live

London. At 19:00 the first of over 30 Big Animal Research Debates will begin at University College London, Kings College London, the University of Sheffield and the University of Hull.About the Big Animal Research DebateThe Big Animal Research Debate is a new public debating project taking place in universities across Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and beyond.Between 14th and 17th October more than 20 university debating societies will hold public debates on the motion “This House would ban all forms of animal research”.The Big Animal Research Debate is set to be one of largest public speaking events staged in the UK in recent memory. Many of the debates will include special guest speakers, and a number will be broadcast online via the debate at UCl liveUniversity College London will be the first debate of the series to be live streamed. In addition to speeches by members of the highly regarded University College London Union Debating Society, the debate will also feature contributions from Andre Menache, CEO of Antidote Europe, and Wendy Jarrett, Chief Executive of Understanding Animal Research.The broadcast stream from UCL's debate can be viewed at, or