The Council of Media Ethics awarded Vidi Vaka with a prize for best journalistic story

Vidi Vaka team with the award

The Council of Media Ethics awarded Vidi Vaka’s team with the prize for the best journalistic story for their documentary "Pickers". Vidi Vaka won the third place award in the competition for best journalistic stories in the area of social life, with a particular focus on the promotion of human rights and promotion of the rights of the socially vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Journalists Aleksandar Manasiev and Mirko Trajanovski, who were a part of Vidi Vaka's team that worked on the short documentary "Pickers", were awarded the third place award. According to the jury: "The documentary covers a subject that was not covered at all or was symbolically treated in the media, giving the voice to people who rarely have the opportunity to speak publicly about their problems and are almost socially invisible.".

Santa Argirova was the president of the jury; Vesna Nikodinoska and Seljadin Djezairi were the jury's members.

There were 62 stories from 35 authors in this year's competition.

The awards are presented with the financial help from UNESCO and EU within the framework of the project "Building Trust in Media in South East Europe and Turkey".

This is the second award for the team of Vidi Vaka for the documentary "Pickers". Vidi Vaka's team got the first award, "Messenger of the Invisible", in April this year when the Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform awarded the movie as a part of the project "Journalism-prize goes international" initiated by the Austrian Anti-Poverty Association and funded by the ERSTE Foundation and the European Anti-Poverty Network.

The short documentary "Pickers" follows the life story of Miftar Sebin from Skopje. He is 23 years old and with his cart, he collects plastic in order to provide food for the three children. The film shows the process of recycling done by the informal waste pickers, and the other part is done by the business sector, which profits from those raw materials.

Aleksandar Manasiev and Mirko Trajanovski are the authors of the movie, Eleonora Veninova is the screenwriter, Sinisa Ilijevski and Boris Kaevski are the cameramen, and Sinisa Ilijevski is the editor. The founders of Vidi Vaka, Mite Kuzevski and Goran Igik, are the producers of the movie.