CMUDE invites all Spanish as a second-language speakers

Universidad del Rosario and the CMUDE Organising Committee would like to extend a warm invitation to all foreign debaters that speak Spanish as a foreign/second language (SFL), to participate in the fifth edition of the World Universities Debating Championship in its Spanish version (CMUDE for its acronym in Spanish). The event would take place in Bogotá, Colombia from 20th to 29th July 2015.

This edition will summon 450 participants from over 20 countries, community leaders, entrepreneurs and high schools students. This event will allow participants to debate in Spanish language and deterrence debate aimed at generating a higher-social impact.

It is key for the event and the sphere of debate in Spanish, that universities around the world join this international event, endorsed by the World Universities Debating Championship (Malaysia, December 2014).

The World University Debating Championship in Spanish brings into play the international competition format known as British Parliamentary, and presents a new track of Spanish as a foreign language (ELE/SFL) where university students from around the world who have ventured into the Spanish language and wish to implement it in a Spanish-speaking event can do so.

Not convinced yet? Listen to Nobel Peace Prize Winner Oscar Arias Sánchez for more reasons to participate. The last registration process for international participants for the SFL Division, can be made through our e-mail. To get more information, please visit our website or Facebook page or follow us on Twitter



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