The Big Animal Research Debate: day two

London. The first day of the Big Animal Research Debate has been a resounding success. Debates on the motion “This House would ban all forms of animal research” took place at University College London, Kings College London, James Madison University in Virginia, the University of Sheffield and the University of Hull.

So far, IDEA has been notified of the results of votes on the motion by audiences attending UCL, Hull and Sheffield’s Big Animal Research Debates. These can now be viewed on the Big Animal Research Debate’s Results page - KCL and James Madison University are due to return results from the votes taken during their debates very soon.

Broadcasting live from UCL
IDEA staff attended UCL’s Big Animal Research Debate and helped to set up and run a live broadcast of speeches by Andre Menache, the CEO of Antidote Europe, and Wendy Jarrett, the Chief Executive of Understanding Animal Research. A recording of the broadcast can be viewed at

Senior academics debate at the University of Nottingham
Today will see seven more Big Animal Research Debates taking place in universities across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

IDEA will be running another live broadcast from the University of Nottingham’s Law and Social Sciences Building, where members of the Nottingham Debating Union will be speaking alongside two UK scientists prominently involved in the on-going public discussion on the future of animal research: Professor Andrew Bennett, Director of the FRAME Alternatives Laboratory, and Professor Colin Blakemore, Emeritus Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Oxford and Professor of Neuroscience and Philosophy at the School of Advanced Study, University of London.

The live stream from the University of Nottingham’s Big Animal Research Debate can be viewed at

The Big Animal Research Debate at Trinity College Dublin
Trinity College Dublin will be the setting for a Big Animal Research Debate staged by two of the world’s oldest and most renowned debating societies – TCD’s University Philosophical Society and College Historical Society. TCD Phil and TCD Hist both have fearsome reputations on the international competitive debate circuit, so the arguments made at the Graduate’s Memorial Building in Dublin tonight are sure to be compelling and deep.

Debating across the UK
The University of Liverpool’s Debating Union will also be running a Big Animal Research Debate tonight, along with the debating societies of the University of Kent, the University of Stirling, Aberystwyth University and Staffordshire University. Details of how students and members of the public can attend all of these debates can be found at, or by clicking the “Live” button found on the main menu of the Big Animal Research Debate website.

About the Big Animal Research Debate
The Big Animal Research Debate is a new public debating project taking place in universities across Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and beyond.

Between 14th and 17th October more than 30 university debating societies will hold public debates on the motion “This House would ban all forms of animal research”. A number of these debates will be streamed live on or made available to view on YouTube.

For more information about the Big Animal Research Debate or to get you university, school or college involved, get in touch by sending an email to