Americas Cup 2011 Winners

Last night Josh Martin and James Killcup from the hybrid team LaVerne & Loyola Marymount have won the Americas Cup (the warm up open event in advance of USU championships).

The Final was contested by
Ireland & Scotland (Stephen Boyle & Gavin Ilsley)
Harvard (Cormac Early & Alex Loomis)
LaVerne & Loyola Marymount (Josh Martin & James Kilcupp)
Loyola Marymount (Emily Ravenscroft & Mike Aguilera)

Final Judges: Sharmila Parmanand (Melbourne), Mary Nugent (Cambridge) Anish Mitra (Stanford) Zheng Bo (China) Ciaran Lawlor (Ireland)

Final: THBT the consumer has more power to change the world than the voter.
Semi: THW have the UN offer large bounties for the capture of Somali pirates.
R2: THBT infidelity should be a factor in the financial resolution of divorce
R1: THW require as many hours of women’s sport on television as men’s sport

The United States Universities Debating Championships Start later today.

Source: Tuna's Blog
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