ADK invites you to the Prague Debate Spring

The Czech Debate Association (ADK) warmly invites judges, coaches and debaters to the Prague Debate Spring tournament held in Prague from 10-13 April. Last year saw 38 teams from 11 countries debating in the very heart of Europe, the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic. Registration will remain open until March 1.Prague offers myriad opportunities for amazing sightseeing and social events, which we will exploit fully to make this year’s tournament a really exciting debate experience for you. About 30 teams have registered, which means we can take in around 20 teams more before reaching our team cap of 50. The debate format is World Schools. Please check our website and Prague Debate Spring FB group for more information.The main theme of the tournament is traditionally inspired by a crucial chapter of the twentieth century, the Prague Spring of 1968, and we proudly uphold its legacy by introducing challenging motions in the domain of human rights, security, socio-economic development and current global issues.Do not miss your opportunity to debate in a charming environment with teams from all over the world and practice for WSDC. Ready to go? You can register here, contact us by email or watch our FB page.We look forward to seeing you in Prague this Spring!