UK Parliament Week: Engage, Explore and Empower

As part of iDebate’s advocacy to raise awareness, promote the values of democracy, British values and the civil society; we are proud to join the UK Parliament Week through the World Debate Club and conduct meaningful debating activities which allow the young people to get to know how the British parliamentary works whilst discussing the most pressing issues concerning them.

Open to: young people aged 18-30, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and Kosovo.

Join us for the third in our series of IDEA Fellows workshops on debate and facilitation skills.

The IDEA Fellows help run iDebate's World Debate Clubs in schools and FE Colleges around London this training will introduce you to many of the skills you need both to debate and to run a club for young people. 

You can also join us if you are just interested in learning to debate or burnishing your public speaking skills (for a small fee, it is free for those signing up to be fellows).

Interested in giving young people a voice? In encouraging others to practice their freedom of speech? In inspiringing the next generation of debaters? Join iDebate for the second of our summer training workships to help you learn how to teach debate to others.

The session will be split into two halves, one for newcomers to the programme and one half for more advanced debating.

18:00-19:00 Induction for New IDEA Fellows by Bien King

The International Debate Education Association is providing the chance to debaters, educators, youth activists, legal students and professionals the opportunity to empower youth in the art of influence and persuasion.

The IDEA Debate Exchange 2017 will be held in Turku from August 21 until August 28. The IDEA Debate Exchange aims to increase cooperation between student debate organisations in Europe and to strengthen their organisations, their reach and effectiveness. The participants exchange experiences and practices based on their work in different countries. More information can be found here

Spring Debate Workshop is a three-day event comprising of an intensive two-day debate training program and culminating in a debate competition on the final day. The workshop will provide students with the opportunity to improve their critical thinking and public speaking skills, learn how to develop sound arguments, enhance their research abilities, and become accustomed to considering different points of view, as well as expanding their own horizons. The best debaters from Bishkek University league will conduct trainings and share their personal experiences of public speaking.

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Get ready to debate in the city where the blue meets the green, the city where you cannot convince people that you get enough of food, the city that never sleeps!!! Till now, we've hosted top debaters in Istanbul like Syed Saddiq, Michael DG, Tasneem Eliias, Duncan Crowe, Rebecca Irvine and many more. This year the CA is going to be Great Again!